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Tuna Mix

The Tuna Mix sequence is less complicated and physically easier using the bag rather than can of tuna.  Independence with the activity sequence has good potential.  Molly was highly motivated to do this at home and was proud of herself … Continue reading

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Smoothie Sequence

This is a nutritious mid-morning/mid-afternoon snack which can be made with the students favorite fruits.  The taste of a raspberry smoothie is delicious however the seeds do offer a texture that could be unpleasant to some and more difficult to … Continue reading

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Frozen Waffles Sequence

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Spread Cheese Sequence

The spread cheese sequence was chosen for Molly to help her gain confidence with basic skills and feel comfortable with being photographed. Cream cheese was chosen because it is easy to spread. And, she told us that she likes it.

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Pre-Sliced Cheese and Crackers Sequence

We chose soy cheese and gluten/wheat free crackers for this. Molly really liked them.  Any pre-sliced cheese and crackers that you choose would work.

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