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Smoothie Sequence

This is a nutritious mid-morning/mid-afternoon snack which can be made with the students favorite fruits.  The taste of a raspberry smoothie is delicious however the seeds do offer a texture that could be unpleasant to some and more difficult to … Continue reading

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Bugs on a Log

This is a familiar, nutritious snack incorporating mild to moderate strength for downward cutting pressure.  This could be modified to using pre-cut celery pieces for dipping into peanut butter and then raisins.

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Peeling an Egg Sequence

The peeling an egg sequence can be used on it’s own or is part of a larger sequence for making an egg salad sandwich which includes chopping the eggs and making the egg salad.

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Frozen Mixed Fruit Pops

This is a refreshing snack/dessert for all year around, especially in the summer. Any type of canned fruit including something like applesauce can be used depending on the student’s preference.  3.5 ounce paper drinking cups can be used to make … Continue reading

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Strawberry Yogurt Pops

Because a blender is used to prepare the fruit, other fresh fruit can be used such as blueberries, peaches. apricots, nectarines and pears. This activity could be expanded to include picking the fruit where geographically possible and preparing it. 3.5 … Continue reading

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