Tuna Mix

The Tuna Mix sequence is less complicated and physically easier using the bag rather than can of tuna.  Independence with the activity sequence has good potential.  Molly was highly motivated to do this at home and was proud of herself when she did so.

Uses for tuna mix: sandwich, on crackers, tuna melt, stuffing for tomatoes, on lettuce as a salad, dip with raw carrots or celery.

Skills Include:
  • cutting with scissors
  • stirring
  • unscrewing
  • scraping
Sequence Summary:
  1. open tuna package
  2. scoop tuna into container
  3. open mayonnaise
  4. scoop mayonnaise into tuna
  5. stir
  6. put lid on container
  7. put into refrigerator

Download Sequence Documents:

The background color is included in the PDF as a guide to cutting around the image.
Click here for PDF download that you can use right away.

You may want to change or delete the text, background color and/or size of the pictures. To make this possible, this .doc version is available. Click here to download.

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