Apple Picking

Going to an orchard with dwarf trees makes this an activity from pre-school aged children to adults.  Reaching through the branches might be difficult for those with tactile sensitivities. This could be reduced by wearing long sleeved shirts.

Carrying the bags requires accommodation for increasing weight requiring proprioception awareness.  Depending on strength, size of apple, size of the individual bilateral coordination (using two hands) might be required.

Skills Include:
  • eye-hand coordination
  • gross grasp
  • twisting
Sequence Summary:
  1. Reach for the apple
  2. Grasp the apple
  3. Twist
  4. Place apple in the bag

Download Sequence Documents:

The background color is included in the PDF as a guide to cutting around the image.
Click here for PDF download that you can use right away.

You may want to change or delete the text, background color and/or size of the pictures. To make this possible, this .doc version is available. Click here to download.

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